What is Motion Sickness?


The best treatment for motion sickness is preventing it in the first place. In addition to treatment with the Transderm Scōp® patch, here are some other things you can do to prevent motion sickness:
  • Sit facing forward and in a slightly reclined position—avoid backward-facing seats
  • Keep your head and body as still as possible
  • Choose a seat where motion is felt the least—such as the front passenger seat of a car, over the wings in an airplane, and on a ship, the forward or middle cabin, or upper deck
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon or another distant, unmoving object
  • Do not read!
  • Get fresh air by opening a window or vent, or on a ship, going to the top deck
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco, which can contribute to nausea
  • Eat small amounts of low-fat, starchy foods, and avoid fatty, strong-smelling, or strong-tasting foods
  • During short plane trips, especially on small airplanes, don’t eat or drink

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